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William: Our Professional Building Inspector

Greater Auckland Residential & Commercial Inspections

Inspecting In a crawlspace

A Highly Experienced Professional

Our home inspection team is led by William, a trained building inspector with 30+ years of experience. William is a very meticulous professional with thorough knowledge of residential and commercial properties.

William has also worked as a Senior Quantity/Building Surveyor and Estimator for years. As such, he is aware of the costs involved with building, repairing faulty materials and workmanship, remediations, and maintaining of a property. William can give you a good idea of how much you can expect to pay to rectify any existing defects and make any needed replacements. This is included with all of our Premium options.

Inspecting In a crawlspace
The hand of one of our home inspectors holding a magnifying glass in front of a modern new house

Your Building Inspector’s Credentials

William trained as a building inspector from 1984 – 1987. Since that time, he has dedicated himself to assisting homebuyers and property owners like yourself make an informed decision on their investment. Now he will assist you throughout the Greater Auckland Area.

  • 30+ years of hands-on inspection experience
  • Earned a diploma in Construction Supervision
  • Earned a degree in Quantity Surveying
  • Site Safe Pass
  • Quantity/Building Surveyor
  • 30+ years of hands-on construction experience

William’s Work History

Icon of a magnifying glass over a home being inspected by one of our home inspectors

William trained as a building inspector from 1984 – 1987. After which, he became a dedicated building inspector for three years. Building on that experience, he transitioned into a larger role in the construction industry, where he served as a Project Manager, Estimator, Quantity/Building Surveyor, and Director of Construction Companies.

Icon of a variety of buildings inspected by our home inspectors

William’s career has taken him to housing developments, large upmarket mansions, apartment blocks, industrial, and commercial projects. He has performed many functions at these properties, including overseeing projects, inspecting buildings, identifying defects, and estimating the cost to rectify any issues.

Icon of home inspectors hand shake in front of a house

William has a keen eye for details and a head for figures, which makes him a highly useful Building Inspector and Quantity/Building Surveyor. He loves to share his skills and knowledge to help people make the right decision. He also wants to show people the correct value of their property.

A thermal imaging camera being used by one of our home inspectors inside of an home

The Right Tools for the Job

William and his assistant take pride in using the right tools to get the job done. During your inspection, you may notice the following equipment:

Thermal Imaging

A visual inspection is a vital aspect of buying a home, but the entire process is only complete with thermal imaging. We add this valuable service for free! With thermal imaging, we can see water leaks, missing insulation, and other issues that are usually hidden by walls.

Aerial Drone Photography

Some roofs are simply too high for our inspector to access safely. In those instances, we provide free aerial drone photography to get a close look at the roof’s condition. Please note that the current owner of the property must give permission for us to be able to use a drone during your inspection.

Moisture Meter

Ensuring that there’s not a build-up of moisture in your home is vital for numerous reasons. Not only will this help avoid water related defects and repairs, but it’s also a great way to reduce your risk of mould accumulating in the building.


Properties We Inspect

Addressing the building inspection needs of Greater Auckland requires an in-depth knowledge of numerous property types. We have experience inspecting the following:

Homes of all Values
Town Homes
Light Commercial Buildings
Heavy Commercial Buildings
Defect Inspections

William’s Personal Side

One of our home inspectors, William, with his wife Jenny by the beach in Auckland, New Zealand

When William isn’t helping Auckland Area residents with their building inspection needs, he can often be found trekking, hiking, and enjoying time in nature with his wife Jenny. The two also like to walk on the beach and have barbecues with family and friends.

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