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How much should you pay for a home inspection?

Don’t get overcharged to stay on top of your property’s inspections. Invest in quality inspections that hand you all the answers in thorough, easy to read reports to give you one less thing to worry about.

We do a verbal and full written report?

We recommended verbal inspection where the client can attend to get first-hand information of the property condition on-site or receive a photo album of the defects, and a telephone call discussing the issues found on site.
Moisture testing and weather tightness is standard for all our reports and are not charged extra!

We offer 2 types of verbal and written reports:

standard report

A basic, but comprehensive report, used for the condition of the property at the minute. Identifying defects and assessing moisture. (None Monolithic plaster property in fair condition).

standard plus report

A more in-depth report than a standard report for monolithic property and properties in poor condition, or that has many defects. Infrared imaging may also be used, where required to identify signs of water ingress.

Apartment report package
Weather tightness assessment included

From $450.00+GST

This package has been tailored specific for apartment or units in a compels. This package is perfect for people whom want information on the apartment or unit, but also the general condition of the complex. Information of visible minor and major deficiencies. The focus is on plumbing, electrical, HVAC, STRUCTURE and where possible the roof of the property. Items that may change a reasonable persons mind on making a purchase.
Standard report package
Report Package Budget Friendly

From $550.00+GST

Great for first time home buyers! Homebuyers who are on a tight budget! But still, desire information on visible minor and major deficiencies within the property. The focus is on plumbing, electrical, HVAC and structure. Items that may change a reasonable person’s mind on making a purchase. Weather tightness assessment included.

Standard plus report package
Monolithic cladding property

From $650.00+GST

Perfect for monolithic and older properties, where a more in-depth inspection is required.

This home inspection service exceeds the minimum home inspection standards set out in NZS 4306:2005. It will also alert you to visible and significant deficiencies in the homes as Thermal imaging is included in this Package.

Add On’s

Health home inspection from $170.00+GST

Meth Testing from $200.00 +GST

Asbestos Identification and testing from $190.00+GST

We also offer estimated costs for repairs. This is very helpful when wanting to negotiate or re-negotiate the purchase price with the Vendor. All estimated costs are done by a New Zealand experienced Senior Quantity Surveyor.

Estimated cost: $180.00 per hour + GST

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