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We offer a wide range of building inspection services for buyers, sellers, agents, and owners. Whether you’re looking at your first-home, new builds, new house, apartments, or terrace houses, we can help! Receive high-quality, experienced service at an affordable rate.

Home Inspection

Modern house with patio seen while preforming home inspection services

Don’t make one of the biggest decisions of your life without getting a professional inspection. We combine 30+ years of experience, the tools of the trade, and the New Zealand Standards of Practice to deliver a top-notch building inspection service you can trust. Each “Standard” Home  Inspection includes free thermal imaging and, as needed, aerial drone photography.

Other points inspected include:

The Property Site

Subfloor Space

Building Exterior (construction material type, chimneys, stairs, balconies, windows, and doors)

Roof (roof material and condition of the roof, roof space, downpipe, eaves, fascia, and soffits)

Building Interior (ceilings, walls, floors, doors, frames, storage, and stairs)

Electrical System

Heating System

Kitchen (benchtop, cabinetry, sink, tiles, and air extraction system)

Bathroom (floor, toilet, tiles, bath, shower, vanity/washbasin, ventilation, and heater towel rails)

Laundry (floor, tubs/cabinet, tiles, and ventilation)

Type and Condition of the Services (fire warning and control systems, heating systems, central vacuum system, ventilation system, security system, electricity service, gas service, water service, hot water service, foul water disposal, greywater recycling system, rainwater collection system, solar heating, aerials and antennae, shading systems, telecommunications, and lifts)

Ancillary Spaces and Buildings (exterior claddings)

Building/Property Inspections

Pre-Listing/Seller’s Inspection

Be sure to give yourself every possible advantage when it’s time to sell your home. This includes booking a Pre-Listing/Seller’s Inspection, which will tell you all about your property’s pros and cons. By getting ahead of buyers and their building inspectors, you can rectify any potential deal breakers and make it possible to secure a higher sales price.

New Construction

New Construction Inspection

Is there anything more exciting than walking into your newly constructed home for the first time? Sadly, this excitement can quickly fade if you notice any construction defects or other related issues. Avoid this problem and the hassles that can accompany it by booking a New Construction Inspection. We’ll check everything out in advance, thereby making it much easier to get the home builder to correct any problems before your first full walkthrough.

New Construction

New Construction Phase Inspections

Do you want to ensure that new construction mistakes are kept to an absolute minimum? Scheduling our New Construction Phase Inspections is the ideal way to keep track of your builder. We will visit the property multiple times to ensure everything is moving smoothly and on budget.

Home Maintenance Inspection

The steps you take as a homeowner are every bit as important as finding the right house in the first place. Our Home Maintenance Inspection service provides a simple way to keep an eye on your home’s most critical systems. Our inspector will take a close look at these systems and components to find any current or potential upcoming issues. Taking immediate action could save you lots of money in the long run.

Weather Tightness

Is your future home sealed up properly to avoid water leaks? Everything from internal to external moisture issues will be assessed with this inspection service. We also inspect for structural stability, along with any general or preventative maintenance that may be needed.

12-Month Implied Warranty Inspection/Defect Repair

After buying a newly constructed home, you have 12 months to discover and report any applicable defects to your builder. This falls under New Zealand’s 12-month defect repair period and is implied regardless of whether you have a contract. Many issues can be reported such as variations from consented drawings and the failure to achieve acceptable industry quality levels. Our team will inspect your home before the first 12 months are up to help you file any applicable claims.

10-Year Implied Warranty Inspection

One of the many great things about living in New Zealand is the protection afforded to consumers by The Building Act. Whether you have a physical contract or not, your builder has to assume the risk of providing a 10-year implied warranty. These warranties are implied by law, and they cover you for a variety of issues that could occur during the first 10 years. This inspection service makes it easy to find and document any applicable problems for your court hearing.

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