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Weather Related Leak Detention

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Auckland Affordable Inspect A Home does not carry out invasive inspections, water testing, tracking, or fixing weather related leaks. This can be carried out by Leak Kings Ltd.

Weather Related
Leak Detention

If you have a leak or weather tightness issue, we will find the cause and provide the most cost-effective repair options for your residential or commercial property. Our teams are available to attend to your weather-related leak problems promptly and competently.

Water Penetratiuon Testing

Modern commercial office building seen while preforming home inspection services

Water penetration testing is becoming standard on most construction projects and projects where the weather tightness of the aluminum joinery is of concern. Third-party quality assurance testing is performed to give the building owner, investor, or lessee confidence in the windows, ranch sliders, storefronts, curtain wall, skylights, and the exterior of building facades. This testing has proven to help improve the overall confidence of the installation or the weather tightness of the aluminum joinery. Leaks detected can be rectified before access equipment is removed. Leak Kings is ready to help guide you through your water penetration testing with our systematic approach, recreating leaks by simulating rainfall, tracing, and correlating water intrusions. 

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