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Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

All inspections will be carried out in accordance with COVID-19 Alert levels as per guidelines from New Zealand Government

30+ Years of Home Inspection Experience

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Buying a home is a major decision that will change your life. When you turn to Auckland Affordable Inspect a Home, you’ll benefit from the advanced knowledge and skills that can only be obtained with 30+ years of hands-on experience. Each inspection is performed by a team of two that includes a trained building inspector and an assistant. This method saves time and money, thereby making us your professional and affordable choice for residential and commercial inspections.

Full – Circle Communication is top priority

William is dedicated to open communication with every client. You deserve a clear assessment of the property you‘re considering and an understanding of any findings. When your inspection is complete. William will answer follow-up questions and or concerns that you may have, or may later come to mind.

Auckland Affordable Inspect a Home Service Menu

Tropical interior of a modern house with door open to view the porch during a home inspection

You deserve peace of mind from an inspection report you can trust. Our building inspector, William, will carefully assess every safely accessible area of your future home. We also offer the usage of drones and thermal imaging to visually inspect areas we wouldn’t otherwise be able to reach, including roofs that extend higher than a 3.6-meter ladder. These high-tech additions to your home inspection come with no additional cost!

Our full menu of inspection services has something for every residential and commercial buyer in Greater Auckland.

  • Buyer’s Home Inspection
  • Pre-Listing/Seller’s Inspection
  • New Construction
  • New Construction Phase Inspections
  • Home Maintenance Inspection
  • Commercial Building/Property Inspection
  • Weather Tightness
  • 12 Months Implied Warranty Inspection
  • 10-Year Implied Warranty Inspection
  • Quantity/Building Surveying

Water Tightness is King

Precipitation reaches measurable levels for more than 1/3 of the year in Auckland, making it especially important to ensure that your home is watertight. Also known as weather tightness, this optional add-on service is the best way to discover if there are any existing issues with water leaks. Find out more about this inspection service, along with thermal imaging, by visiting our Services page.

Convenient Inspection Times

Aerial drone flying over the roofs of houses during a home inspection

We understand that your time may be stretched thin. Therefore, we offer convenient inspection appointments on weekends and evenings. You’re encouraged to join us for the walkthrough, which will be conducted by an experienced inspection professional who has the ability to identify construction issues, along with the necessary knowledge to help you remedy them.

  • Schedule your appointment online.
  • Get your report back within 24 hours of the inspection.
  • Thermal imaging and drone usage available.
  • We carry errors & omissions/general liability insurance for your protection.

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Full Professional Indemnity Insurance

All inspections will be carried out in accordance with COVID-19 Alert levels as per guidelines from New Zealand Government