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All inspections will be carried out in accordance with covid-19 alert levels as per guidlines from the new zealand government

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check out our google reviews

Myron Turner
Myron Turner
Great service very thorough!!
Sam Ashton
Sam Ashton
William and Jenny were great to deal with. Great communication. William was exceptionally thorough and took time to explain things to me on site. The written report (54 pages!) was excellent and will be the basis of my maintenance schedule for the coming years. Thanks William, we will be recommending you to all our friends and family 🙂
anmillie kereti
anmillie kereti
Thank you Jenny and William. Great Team, Good communication, we went through the building report with them. The report came to us in time and clear. Highly recommend them
T. Williams
T. Williams
William was great, very knowledgeable and is passionate about what he does. He was very reassuring to have along with me for the inspection and it gave me peace of mind moving ahead with my purchase. Thank you William and Jenny, great service.
I can highly recommend William and Jenny at AA Inspect A Home. A highly professional, detail focussed and accessible service was provided over a number of homes before they inspected what would be our first purchase. William is very capable and provides a high level of insight into the technical elements of the inspection reporting so you know exactly what you’re buying. I’d recommend any house purchaser get an inspection done and I’d recommend any first home buyer to use AA Inspect A Home to do it.
Junior Silipa
Junior Silipa
Jenny and William, we’re very informative and gave us a very detailed report to help us not only make the right decision but also a great tool to use for negotiations. I highly recommend them and report was also very easy to read and understand. 5STAR!!! Thanks again, From Junior and Renee…
Melanie Trotman
Melanie Trotman
William and Jenny were a pleasure to deal with as a nervous first home buyer. Good communicationa dn explanations. Detailed reports in a timely manner. Thank you for your great and affordable service.
Markus Rueckert
Markus Rueckert
Fantastic experience. They did the inspection the same day and I had the report the next morning. William is very knowledgeable and found things that I , as a carpenter myself , didn’t spot. Highly recommended.
Arlo Ramos
Arlo Ramos
It was great to have William and Jenny for our building inspection need! Jenny is very quick to respond to enquiry, provide necessary information and immediately book the appointment even we came at a very short notice. It was really great to have William as the building inspector. He knows every stuff, highly knowledgeable, very detailed and willing to explain/ answer all questions. We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking to get building inspection services!


Proudly Supporting Greater Auckland with Trusted Home Inspections

Many people mistakenly think a qualified builder is, therefore, automatically a qualified building inspector. This is not the case. A builder is not normally qualified as a plumber, an electrician, a roofer, a heating and ventilation engineer, or a property inspector or building surveyor. A qualified property inspector or building surveyor is a qualified, professional building surveyor which is a specialised profession and not a builder or other trade. In some cases, a builder may have these extra qualifications, but not automatically, so you must be sure you know who is undertaking your inspection.

Our team have trained for 3 years to become qualified building inspectors and building surveyors, and are also builders and quantity surveyors. This allows us to provide the extensive all-around understanding and ability to provide the most comprehensive inspections required.

Not only do we provide trusted home inspections of both commercial and residential properties – we offer the most comprehensive list of checks so that you know exactly what state the house is in from the ground up – and can make an informed decision before you buy or sell it. Property protection requires you to know what you need to protect it from, and our services can point out any weaknesses to keep on your radar.

Our Report Services

Builders Reports

Comprehensive builders reports covering new builds, structural integrity, drug testing, house maintenance, warranties and more. Builders reports are a complete service that ticks all the boxes you want to keep your property’s information up to date and point out any repairs required.


Leaky homes are prevalent in Auckland, and we know how to spot one. We can catch any potential leaky home issues that can become a very expensive  to fix. If your home was built between the mid 1980s – mid 2000s, then you should definitely consider get a leaky building report completed for your peace of mind.

Weathertightness reports

For buildings of all kinds, not just those with the Leaky Home cladding types – we provide comprehensive Weathertightness reports to check your building is watertight and protected from the elements. 

Building Inspections

Suitable for any property before it changes hands, or for regular inspection to keep on top of essential maintenance and structural soundness. Our inspections are thorough and take note of all structural, visible and working parts in your property to identify weaknesses.

pre-purchase & pre-sale inspections

Before you buy or sell a property, know what you are getting yourself into. Organising a pre-purchase or pre-sale inspection is essential for both parties to understand the condition of a property. They help you avoid buying or selling a damaged home that can lead to unforeseen costs or even legal action. 

Our other services

House Maintenance Inspection

Your property’s critical systems need a critical eye now and again to keep your property running smoothly. We provide an inspection that thoroughly checks all systems and highlights any potential problems now or in the future – saving you time and money.

Certificate of Acceptance

We offer accredited services that include providing a certificate of acceptance when building work has taken place without building consent, or in situations where a code compliance certificate could not be provided.

New Construction Phase Inspections

Keep mistakes to an absolute minimum on your site. This inspection is the ideal way to keep track of your builder. We will visit the property multiple times to ensure it is running smoothly and on budget.

New Construction Inspection

Before you sign off on a newly constructed property, have the building inspected so that any defects or problems can be rectified by your builder before your first walkthrough. They have a duty to deliver you a finished property without defects, and we make sure that happens.

12 Month Implied Warranty / Inspection Defect Repair

With only 12 months after a build has been completed to declare any defects, we offer comprehensive services to make sure you don’t get landed with a hefty bill that would instead be covered by your builder.

Invasive + Non-Invasive Moisture Testing

Non – invasive moisture testing can protect your home from water damage, using thermal imaging and drone photography to get the job done. Invasive testing can be carried out to identify areas of concern.


Before selling a home, it is essential to know its condition. A pre sale house inspection (otherwise known as a Maintenance or Condition Survey) is an inspection and report that is ordered by the home owner or vendor, and its purpose is to reveal any potential problems that exist within the property before it goes to market. It’s important to have this inspection carried out by experts who are thorough and don’t leave anything out – as any undisclosed disrepair or weathertightness issues can lead to future lawsuits being brought against the seller by the buyer. By learning about the repair requirements before selling, you give yourself the opportunity to either fix the problem and protect the value of your home, or obtain quotes for the repair, which can then be disclosed during the selling process.

A pre-purchase inspection is a separate report that can be ordered by the buyer to ascertain the condition of your property before buying it, but it is not the same thing as a pre-sale house inspection. You should never expect the buyer to be responsible for learning the condition of your home. Any substantial issues are your responsibility and, if left undisclosed or unresolved, can lead to legal action. Knowing and disclosing the full extent of your property’s condition safeguards your sale, and yourself, from any unnecessary action or upset.


Asbestos identification and testing

We offer asbestos testing as an additional indication and testing as an additional service to any existing property. The samples are sent to a laboratory for testing.


Don’t let past behaviour in a house get you stuck with a property that will be difficult to sell. Your insurance could be compromised if your home is found to have traces of methamphetamine residue, so it’s important to know the kind of house you’re buying - or selling if you have rented it out to other parties. Meth detection in a property can shut down your rental property, and leave health implications behind. We offer vigorous meth testing in Auckland to determine whether there has been any meth use or activity within your property.

Your insurance could be compromised

If your home is found to have traces of methamphetamine residue your insurance could be compromised, so it’s important to know the kind of house you’re buying - or selling if you have rented it out to other parties. Meth detection in a property can shut down your rental property, and leave health implications behind. We offer vigorous meth testing in Auckland to determine whether there has been any meth use or activity within your property.


Buying a home is a major decision that will change your life.

When you turn to Auckland Affordable Inspect a Home, you’ll benefit from the advanced knowledge and skills that can only be obtained with 30+ years of hands-on experience.

Each inspection is performed by a team of two that includes a trained building inspector and an assistant. This method saves time and money, thereby making us your professional and affordable choice for residential and commercial inspections.

We are weather tightness specialists.

communication is our top priority

About Our inspector

William is dedicated to open communication with every client. You deserve a clear assessment of the property you‘re considering and an understanding of any findings. When your inspection is complete. William will answer follow-up questions and or concerns that you may have, or may later come to mind.

Avoid a Leaky Home

Precipitation reaches measurable levels for more than 1/3 of the year in Auckland, making it especially important to ensure that your home is watertight. Also known as weather tightness, this optional add-on service is the best way to discover if there are any existing issues with water leaks. Find out more about this inspection service, along with thermal imaging, by visiting our Weathertightness Page.


We understand that your time may be stretched thin. That’s why we offer convenient inspection appointments even on weekends and evenings. You’re encouraged to join us for the walkthrough, which will be conducted by an experienced inspection professional who has the ability to identify construction issues, along with the necessary knowledge to help you remedy them.

check out our google reviews

Kristen ReesKristen Rees
09:19 22 May 23
William and Jenny blew us away. Communication was unbelievable from Jenny from the get go, they both booked us in for a comprehensive home inspection really last minute. I called on a Saturday at lunch time, and was having the home inspection with them the very next day in the afternoon; they did everything they could to help us out. William provided us with a very in-depth building inspection and we were blown away with his willingness to go above and beyond. He clearly has extensive knowledge about buildings and homes in NZ.Thanks again, William and Jenny!
Bora KIMBora KIM
00:40 29 Apr 23
I recently had the pleasure of working with William and Jenny for a building inspection and was very impressed with their expertise, and attention to detail. They provided a thorough and comprehensive report that highlighted all the key areas of concern and even made valuable recommendations for rectification work.William took the time to explain their findings and recommendations to me in a way that was easy to understand, and I felt confident that I had all the information I needed to make an informed decision about the property.Their customer service was exceptional, and they were always prompt in responding to any questions or concerns I had throughout the inspection process.Overall, I highly recommend them for anyone in need of a reliable and professional building inspection service.
Benedict StewartBenedict Stewart
03:39 22 Feb 23
AAA+++Very impressed with the incredibly thorough inspection. William is very knowledgeable and takes his time to explain in lay terms the issues he uncovers.His attention to detail is second to none and he is clearly committed to ensuring that his clients are well placed to make an informed decision on whether to purchase the target property.Jenny is lovely to deal with and communicates quickly and effectively.Highly recommended.
Crystal MCrystal M
07:28 25 Jan 23
I highly recommend Auckland Affordable Inspect a Home. William is very knowledgeable and has the clients best interests at heart. The inspection was very thorough, and a lot of attention to detail. The verbal and written report is a good combination to consider and well worth the investment! Not only does William provide top notch services he has quite the humour also lol. Jenny is also a great team member and has amazing customer service. Would recommend using their services if you’re ever investing into a home.
Min Lee TingMin Lee Ting
08:24 11 Dec 22
Jenny and William are amazing to work with. William has high attention to detail, knowledgeable and shares so much during verbal inspections. He gave us a peace of mind telling us exactly what issues need to be fixed and what can be left alone so we can be confident about what we buy. Love his passion and would definitely recommend 👍
Tracy JeongTracy Jeong
22:42 09 Nov 22
I will absolutely recommend William to everyone as he is a professional building inspector.I currently bought a new town house, and I didn't know that the house has so many flaws until I check it with William.He kindly explained me every problem of the house and suggested me solutions which I can deal with my vendor.I am truly touched that he is working for me on my side and helping me with all of his knowledge and effort. Genuinely, I could feel his 40 years experiences during the conversation between him and the construction manager of my house. I will come back to see William every time when I buy another house.Much appreciated with Jenny too as she kindly arranged the schedule for me and explained all the procedures. Best team ever.
Piano CornerPiano Corner
04:48 24 Oct 22
We had a fantastic experience with Jenny and William. They arrived even before the appointment to make sure they would have enough time to inspect everything thoroughly. Great communication with Jenny and William was very thorough during the inspection and explained everything very well to us so we could understand. He is very knowledgeable and even gave us some tips which tools we should use to fix certain things.We used them before with the same great experience and would always only use them again for any home inspection.We highly recommend this company!
Ellie SheddenEllie Shedden
23:35 20 Jul 22
William and Jenny did a building inspection for a very old property that we were looking at buying in Auckland. They organised it for us with only a few days notice and provided the report with really quick turnaround.William is very knowledgeable and answered all my questions (and there were a lot of questions!), and the report goes into the smallest detail. William has the knowledge and skill to explain everything to those of us who know nothing about construction. They even looked over the roof with a drone and provided pictures!I highly recommend Auckland Affordable Inspect a Home and we will definitely be using them again in future. I would rate 11/10 if I could!
08:22 17 Jul 22
Hello,Disregard the review below from Ashleigh Morton, we are the buyers who had the building inspection provided. William provided an extremely thorough, professional and helpful inspection of the property. The review below is from an unhappy vendor as we decided in the end not to purchase the house due to it asking a lot more than the CV and the condition of the house.He also goes the extra mile with his clients in understanding what to look for when you're a first time buyer and what maintenance would be required to get a property up to scratch.I will be using William again as he provides one of the best building inspections out there and wouldn't think to go anywhere else after the level of service I have received from him.Cheers
Sam AshtonSam Ashton
00:17 28 Jun 22
William and Jenny were great to deal with. Great communication. William was exceptionally thorough and took time to explain things to me on site. The written report (54 pages!) was excellent and will be the basis of my maintenance schedule for the coming years. Thanks William, we will be recommending you to all our friends and family 🙂
08:31 18 May 22
Wow! These two are amazing and easy to communicate with. We have used their services twice in the last month and have been very satisfied with the comprehensive inspection.Jenny is very pleasant and organised. William is meticulous with the detail and very upfront. We will be recommending them to our friends and family.A+++
Michelle LuMichelle Lu
03:22 27 Apr 22
Brilliant communication from Jenny and William.They are detailed and considerate when it comes to inspecting home. I'm glad I received all the information I need in order to make an informed choice on the conditional offer. The detailed report offers us the knowledge of knowing all the small and large defeats around and in the home.If you are buying an investment home or first home... they are the people! You won't regret it.


We are proud to service all of Greater Auckland.




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