Know your building inside and out.


Our accredited team offers detailed inspections of the interior and exterior of your property to assess its current condition, any repair work and absolutely anything that may affect your sale or upcoming maintenance that you should be aware of. Regular building inspections are essential to avoid unnecessary costs that could have been prevented, or lessened, with knowledge of its condition.
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With over 30+ years of experience inspecting home, we know what we are looking out for.

Our services are wide reaching and cover every aspect of your home, so you can get a thorough overview of what your property’s condition is really like and what maintenance to look out for in the future. Knowledge is power, and it saves you money and hassle when it comes to your property.
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Easy to Read Reports

Our delivered reports are completely sensible and easy for non-builders to read and understand - leaving you in control of your property without feeling more confused about what you’ve learnt. We can talk you through the inspection process, and then highlight any parts of the report that require your immediate attention.

Appropriate Inspections

Appropriate Inspections & Reports for Properties of Any Age
Our building inspections are able to create reports that are applicable to a house of its age - not comparing it to something built 30 years before or after. Age-specific inspections, considerations and expectations are included in our services and we can assist you with the next steps if you need specific maintenance or preventative measures to be put in place.

Other building inspection services

Request any of the following to be included in your building inspections

Meth Testing

Pre-Purchase House Reports

Moisture Testing (included)

Weather-tightness Reports (included)

Asbestos identification and testing


We are proud to service all of Greater Auckland.